08 May 2011 @ 11:50 am
At The Moment (My Very Last AWZ Fic)  
Title: At The Moment
Author: [info]lilithilien
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Deniz, Roman, Marc with mentions of others
Word Count: 3500 words
Rating: Gen
Summary: A night at home with the GBWI and their favourite TV show.
Disclaimer: Not mine, though if they were they would not be suffering through this shit.
A/N: Dear Momo, your birthday fic started out as a just a simple update on what the boys and Keule were doing these days. Then it turned into a cathartic braindump that's half crack, half meta, and half the state of my current feelings on fandom. (Yes, that's three halves, just go with it - it makes as much sense as anything else happening on Show these days.) This fic would not have been possible without the input of many people: [info]aldiara and [info]praderwilli and the other tweetskimos for cop school and Alkim, [info]redcouchaddict for ~walking~, Hans von Hozel for his inspiring stories, the always lovely Celine LaFraud and always crappy Antoine Doucheford for At The Moment, George and Sheepie and others whose names have thankfully disappeared in the anals of time (typo intended) for generating such mockable wank, the possum and his pompous predictions of preposterousness, and finally to Alles Was Zählt who has become like the best friend I had in college who turned right wing and now supports the death penalty now; love her still, love what we had, but just don’t know her anymore. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and know that my love for you and the sane corner of this fandom abounds.

At The Moment )
06 February 2011 @ 06:40 pm
The Lonely Rentboy  
Title: The Lonely Rentboy
Author: [info]lilithilien
Fandom/Characters: OC (or are they?)
Word Count: ~1000 words
Rating: Gen with metaphors
Summary: How a sad lonely rentboy found true love, fame, and fortune. (Alternative summary: This is not the fairy tale I should be writing.)
Disclaimer: This is a true story.
A/N: Because I don’t have it in me to write porn for National Porn Sunday, have a cracky fairy tale instead. This will make no sense at all unless you are a Tweetskimo. I blame them.

The Lonely Rentboy )