16 April 2004 @ 01:21 am
Night On Earth (RPS)  
Title: Night On Earth
Author: Lilith ([info]lilithilien)
Pairing: Sean Bean/David Wenham
Warning: RPS NC-17
Disclaimer: Of course, these men are not mine. If they were, I would NOT be here with you.
Notes: Admit it, we all have our Mary Sue fantasies. This one's for [info]mythicdove. The boys ride each other in a limo. Pure smut, nothing but smut, and impossibly bendable Gondorians. Happy moving day/housewarming!! And thank you very, very much to my beautiful beta, [info]galadriel! Originally posted at LiveJournal.

Night On Earth

Wanted: Limo Driver. Driver's license required; no other experience necessary. Must be discreet.

The ad intrigued me. I had just left my job as the youngest-ever dean at Harvard University. I needed a new challenge, and this looked like just the thing! With my two Ph.D. degrees I was a shoe-in for the job, and when I showed up for my first shift in my driver's uniform (a short dark green jacket with three rows of silver buttons running from my shoulders to my waist and crossed with a pendant and silver chain bearing the company logo), I knew I looked very sharp.

So did the dispatcher. He let out a low whistle when he saw me, his beady eyes locked on my chest. I crossed my arms and glowered at him as he finally met my eyes. "I've got a live one for you tonight," he gloated. "You're picking up a Mr. Adzuki at the Grand Hotel. He doesn't have a destination, he just wants to drive around a bit." He smirked. "You get these sickos every so often, just wanna fuck in a limo, so you'll probably end up getting him a friend out by the docks." He leered suggestively at me. "Maybe it'll put you in the mood? Maybe we'll see each other later?"

"Don't wait up," I said.

He handed me the car keys and pointed me to the limo. It was one of the classier models, a sleek black stretch polished to a brilliant shine. It felt good to slide behind the wheel. I revved the engine (I was a Formula 1 test driver during grad school) to see what kind of power was under the hood. The engine growled and then settled into a comfortable purr. Yes, we were going to get along just fine.

I drove to the Grand Hotel and announced my arrival to the concierge, then waited beside the limo for my passenger. A few minutes later he came through the revolving door. My heart almost stopped when I saw the face that covered half my bedroom wall. But even without seeing his face, I would have recognised that distinctive swagger as he approached me. Although I wanted to ask for his autograph, thinking about our company motto ("loose lips sink limos") calmed me and I only nodded as I opened the car door. He slid in gracefully, his large frame settling comfortably in the middle of the seat. "Thanks," he said, his green eyes looking up into my face as I shut the door.

My heart was pounding as I got back into the driver's seat. Sean Bean! In my backseat! Fortunately limos are equipped with extra large rear-view mirrors as a safety device, and I adjusted it to get a clear view. My heart almost stopped when he stretched his legs out in front of him and settled back comfortably. In just moments, he had taken full possession of the backseat. And did he ever look good! He was wearing a pale grey linen suit with a black t-shirt. With the charcoal grey leather seats, I could almost have been watching a black-and-white movie. Only his head was in colour, as was the cigar that he now slid from his jacket pocket.

"Mind if I smoke?"

I jerked my head just enough to show him that I was not really watching him in the rear-view mirror and shrugged. "It's your limo, you can do anything you want."



For now, Sean seemed content just smoking. He sucked the smoke deep into his lungs, his cheeks hollowing with the inhalation, and then exhaled a long, steady stream. For a moment the limo was filled with the sweet smell of fine tobacco, hand rolled in Havana (I recognised this particular aroma from my stint as an undercover CIA operative in Guantanamo Bay). Then Sean cracked the window, and the swirls of drifting smoke were whisked away.

"Have you been doing this long?"

I peered into the mirror at him. Was he really talking to me? He was! Now was the time to be really clever and witty.

"What, you mean driving?"



See, it was clever enough. He was still talking.

"You're my first passenger."

He grinned then, that grin that I knew so well. It looked different in person, though, filling his entire face and sending ripples up to the lines around his twinkling eyes.

"What's your name?"

"Kathy, sir," I replied.

"And do you like your job, Kathy?"

"No complaints so far, sir." Nope, none at all. Every last thought of the sleazy dispatch manager was wiped from my mind as Sean took another long drag on his cigar.

We rode in silence for a few minutes and then Sean said, "Do you mind if we pick up a friend?"

My heart lurched. I suddenly envied the working girls at the dock (many of whom I had met as an outreach worker with the Red Cross), but I bit my tongue and answered, "No, sir, I don't mind at all."

"He's staying at the Westin downtown."

My heart resumed beating and I once again appreciated my two doctorates, not to mention my internship in Paris with the World Bank. I swung the limo into the next lane and sped towards the Westin.

When we arrived, the valet came towards the door. Sean cracked his window and said, "Could you please tell Mr. Daisy we're waiting for him?"

My heart stopped again and I tried to remember if our company insurance policy covered pacemakers. I knew I'd need it when Sean's friend appeared. If I was right, then this was the face that covered the other half of my bedroom wall.

And I was right! The valet opened the door to the limo and David Wenham popped in, his electric energy the perfect complement to the other man's solid presence. It was like a meeting of wind and earth, and I looked forward to the storm that I knew would soon blow.

"Hullo, mate!" Sean said as he pulled Dave into a hug.

"G'day," Dave said, quickly pulling back. "I'd give you a kiss but you reek of cigar smoke."

I instantly held up a canister of Binaca I had at the ready.

"Dave, meet Kathy."

"Hi, Kathy," Dave replied a bit uncertainly as he took the Binaca.

"This is her first night on the job, and she said we can do anything we want in here."

"Anything?" Dave sounded incredulous as he handed the canister to Sean.

"Anything." Sean sprayed his mouth, gave me a quick wink, then grabbed the back of Dave's neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. It only took a second for Dave to relax into the kiss, reaching both his arms around to embrace Sean. If Sean was monochrome, Dave was thoroughly Technicolor. He wore a bright shirt covered in swirls of blue, green, and gold. As he moved, the patterns seemed to come alive and surge like waves ebbing and flowing across Sean's body.

Through all of this, I kept one eye on the backseat and one eye on the road. I am one of the few people in the world who can completely separate her vision in this way. My research at the Mayo Clinic recently studied this astounding talent. This ability certainly came in handy here! I got to see every move -- Sean reaching out to stroke Dave's leg up to his hip and caressing his butt through his jeans, Dave sliding his hand down Sean's chest to his trousers and pressing his hand against the erection that strained against soft linen.

At Dave's touch, Sean dropped the back of his head against the leather seat and moaned. Dave smiled and unbuckled Sean's trousers, sliding his erection free. He stroked it with long, slow caresses as he kissed Sean's neck, eliciting further moans. When Sean gently pressed Dave's shoulders downward, Dave moved down Sean's chest, biting his nipples through the t-shirt and leaving wet circles on the cloth.

Dave moved further down to where his hands were busy tending to Sean's erection. With one last upward stroke, Dave brought the tip into his mouth and sucked hard. His cheeks hollowed just as Sean's had while smoking; Sean exhaled loudly in response. Still holding the erection in his hand, Dave pulled back just enough so he could sweep his tongue around the tip. He greedily licked up the pearly droplets that emerged.

Then, as if this little taste was not nearly enough, Dave devoured Sean's entire length in a single smooth motion. Sean groaned loudly, an incoherent animal cry of lust and need. I saw the flicker in Dave's eye and knew that he would have been smiling, had his mouth not been filled with Sean's shaft. He started to slide his lips up and down, slowly at first but with increasing speed as Sean's short, rasping breaths encouraged him. I watched Sean's face contort as Dave's mouth brought him off, memorizing exactly how his eyelids squeezed tightly together, how his mouth hung open breathing soft sighs, and how his face registered first the strain of need and, finally, the peace of release. Once again I was grateful for my photographic memory.

Dave pulled himself up alongside Sean and planted a deep kiss on his lips. I made a sharp left turn then, sending both men off balance and sliding to the side. Dave ended up lying almost fully on top of Sean.

"She's working for you, isn't she?" Dave asked, jerking his head towards me.

"She just might be if she keeps that up," Sean replied.

I turned on my blinker.

Meanwhile, in the backseat, Sean was fumbling with Dave's buttons. Dave had reached his hands under Sean's t-shirt and seemed to be teasing his nipples. I wished that Sean had undressed before Dave landed on top of him; apparently Dave wanted that too, so as soon as Sean had finished unbuttoning and removing Dave's shirt, Dave pulled Sean's jacket off and then tugged his tee over his head. They looked at each other for a half a minute and I could see the raw lust in their eyes.

Dave lowered his body onto Sean's chest. As their faces came closer, Sean's tongue lashed out and licked Dave's lips, which parted to allow Sean's tongue to slip inside his mouth. The kiss went on and on, leaving both men breathless when they finally separated.

Sean's hands had been clutching Dave's jean-clad butt, squeezing and pulling him closer as they kissed. Now he grunted, "Take these things off."

Dave put his hands on each side of Sean and lifted himself up, doing a modified push-up above Sean's body. "You want 'em off, do it yourself," he countered.

A hungry look flashed across Sean's face. He quickly loosened Dave's jeans and slid them down his legs. Dave lowered himself back onto Sean and kicked his pants the rest of the way off. They landed alongside Dave's shoes, which had been shed the instant he'd entered the limo.

Just then, my attention was distracted as I turned down First Street. It was congested with cars, cyclists, and pedestrians and I needed both eyes to navigate the busy street. People noticed the limo too, and gawked at the tinted windows as we passed. I hate it when celebrities are hounded like that! My passengers deserved to have their privacy and as soon as I could I turned onto a side road.

Then I returned my full attention to the backseat.

I had missed much, for my now completely undressed passengers had somehow switched places. Dave was stretched out on the luxurious leather now; the blond man kneeled between his legs, his head thrown back as Dave rubbed a generous amount of lube onto Sean's erection. Then Dave extended his back leg into the air at an impossible angle, a position that I had only been able to perfect after my extensive training with Cirque du Solei. Dave brought his leg to rest on the seat back as, with his other leg, he pulled Sean's hips toward him. Sean lifted Dave's hips to his waist and, with a single forceful motion, buried himself between his legs. A lustful animal groan erupted from Dave and he arched his body upwards, taking Sean even deeper inside.

In consideration of my passengers' comfort at this delicate stage, I pulled the limo to the curb and parked, leaving the purring engine on.

Sean's face was lined with concentration. His tongue raked over his bottom lip as he slid time and again into Dave. Dave had a blissful look on his face. His right hand reached up to find his erection that bobbed against Sean's stomach with each thrust. He stroked himself in time with Sean's movements, his eyes half closed and his lips parted in a smile. As they rocked together, the limo was filled with soft moans and the squeak of naked flesh against the leather seats. Dave's murmurs of assent encouraged Sean to speed up his pace, forcefully driving into the man below him. Dave's cries grew louder until, with a final scream, he climaxed. Sean thrust again into Dave's tightening hole. His mouth hung open as he followed him into the abyss.

Sean collapsed onto Dave, his tousled blond hair brushing the ginger hair on the other man's chest. Dave held Sean and gently stroked his back until Sean had the strength to rise. When he at last sat up, he pulled Dave up beside him and kissed his lips.

"Look at us! We're a mess."

I held up a package of tissues and some Wet Wipes.

"Thanks, Kathy," Sean said, as he started to clean Dave's chest with a Wet Wipe. Dave took a tissue and started dabbing where he had spattered onto Sean's chest.

"Where to now, sirs?" I asked.

"Not sure. I'd kinda like to see the ocean. Dave, what do you feel like doing?"

"I always thought that the heroes should ride off into the sunset myself."

Sean clapped his hands. "That's it! That's what we'll do. Let's go, Kathy."

"Excuse me, sir? Where do you want me to take you?"

"To see the sun set over the ocean. Guess the best place for that is California, right?"

"Or Oregon," Dave added. "I'd like to see Oregon."

"But we're in New Jersey," I said, confused.

"Then we'd better get started, hadn't we?" With these words, Sean stretched his long legs out and reached his arm around Dave. Dave leaned towards him, resting his head on Sean's shoulders. And me? I turned the limo around and headed for the interstate.