02 December 2006 @ 01:16 am
Last Call (Life On Mars)  
Title: Last Call
Author: Lilith ([info]lilithilien)
Fandom: Life On Mars
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Gene
Rating: PG (hey, I'm just getting started)
Word Count: 300 word triple-drabble
Author's Notes: My first foray into a new fandom, which I'm discovering is a real challenge to write in. Much as I love the (ahem) colourful language, it's really hard to recreate. So see what you think. This is for [info]cocoajava who's very devoutly pimped this remarkable series to me. Guess you could call it a late birthday pressie?

It's one a' those things that sneaks up on you when you least expect it, innit? What? You know exactly what I'm talking about. Love? Sod off, you pansy little prick. Love's what you save for the birds, the pretty promises you trade for those glittery eyes and pouty red lips. Love's what makes you swear that tonight you'll come straightaway home at shove off time just so the wife'll let you eat your dinner in peace. But love's a lie, just like your promise. You won't be home tonight, just like you weren't last night, or the night before that. And you know why? 'cause your gut's telling you that thing is sneaking up on you again, and you can't help wanting to know what it is. You tell yourself he's just your mate, it's how you look after all your men. But that's a lie too, and you know it. Because this is different. This is about you much as him, this thing creeping up on you. It's about remembering how you used to be, when you were first pounding the streets, before you lost the only part of yourself you liked. You try not to think about it, and that works for years, until ... no, it's not love we're talking about here. Love doesn't wake up that animal to eat away at your insides. Love doesn't make you honest. This is truth you got to deal with. It's hard as the brick wall he shoves you against, ragged as Nelson's cheap whiskey on his breath. But it's the only thing you've found that puts that animal to sleep. And tho inside you're nervy as a lone bird on match night, you let it creep closer. And someday you think you just might let it catch you.