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In This Home On Ice
Chapter One: Face-Off (Co-author [info]aldiara, Deniz/Roman, NC-17, 10,000 words)
(Interlude 1-Deniz by [info]aldiara)
Chapter Two: The Rittberger Connection (Co-author [info]aldiara, Deniz/Roman, Gen, 7000 words)

Five Times Marc Hagendorf Called Roman Wild
Five moments hen Something Could Have Happened and Everything Would Have Changed. Written for Ho-Fest 2010. (Marc, Roman, Jenny, René, mention of some Turkish kid, Gen, 8000 words)

At The Moment
A night at home with the GBWI and their favourite TV show. (Deniz/Marc/Roman, Gen, 3500 words)

Serious Business
Deniz thought he liked kissing before, but now he finds he doesn't even know what it is. (Deniz/Roman, NC-17, 3150 words)

Connecting Flights
Just a chance encounter, just meaningless sex—just what Roman needs right now. (Roman/Andrew, NC-17, 2800 words)

Too Far
He knew it was really fucked up to listen to his flatmates fucking each other. Written for the [info]bbtp_challenge 2010. (Deniz/Roman, Lars, NC-17, 2000 words)

She should have known it had to do with Roman. "It always did," a small part of her sighs in frustration. (Deniz/Vanessa, PG, 1440 words)

Schön *Now in podfic by [info]paraka
Deniz is tired of thinking, but Roman makes it hard to forget. (Deniz/Roman, Gen, 1000 words)

Roman needs to face the truth, but Deniz makes it easy to lie. Companion piece to "Schön". (Deniz/Roman, Gen, 1000 words)

Every skater falls differently. (Diana, Jenny, Deniz, Vanessa, Lars, Roman, Gen, 1000 words)

The Something Series
Chapter One: Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Deniz knows insolence when he sees it, and getting ready for Diana and Julian's wedding could be the death of him. (Deniz and Marian, Gen, 1000 words)
Chapter Two: Something Old, Something New: How could you feel so close to someone and not even know the basic facts of their existence? (Roman/Deniz, Gen, 1000 words)

Marian circles like a shark, but Jennifer Steinkamp could never be mistaken for innocent prey. (Marian/Jenny, R, 600 words)

Making Out
Deniz isn't sure what to call this. (Deniz/Roman, PG-13, 350 words)

Empty Glasses
Roman isn't a glass-half-full kind of guy. (Roman, Gen, 275 words)

Three Minutes
Three minutes. That's how long it takes for Deniz to fall in love. (Deniz/Roman, Gen, 260 words)

Opposites Attract
Deniz isn't his only rival. (Marc/Etienne, past Marian/Etienne, Gen, 250 words)

Roman watches over Deniz as he sleeps. (Deniz/Roman, Gen, 100 words)

Left Behind
It shouldn't be here, but there it was. (Roman, Gen, 100 words)

Marian knows when the battle is lost. (Marian, Gen, 100 words)


There's A Chance I'll Start To Wonder
Of course he's not going to be able to keep his mouth shut, and of course he knows that he's better off without Deniz, but always, always, Roman wonders if he did the right thing. (Deniz/Roman)

Powerless Against Love and Beautiful Women
Etienne is powerless against love and beautiful women; Marian is powerless against Etienne. And the thieving is a metaphor. (Marian/Etienne, Marian/Nadja)

Deniz continually fucks up leads Roman on, accidentally...or not. And the song was too perfect to pass up! (Deniz/Roman)


Turning the Tables
Fucking Malfoy and his fucking games. This time Harry's had enough. Harry Potter meets Alles Was Zählt. (Assorted combinations of Deniz, Draco, Harry, and Roman, PG-13, 1400 words)


Architects of Memory
The battle of Hogwarts changes the wizarding world forever -- but not in a way that anyone could possibly expect. Can Harry put things back to rights when neither his friends nor his enemies remember The Boy Who Lived? (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 116,500 words)

Of Eros and Of Dust
Knowing what you want doesn't come easily. Sometimes it can take nineteen years. Written for the Ides of March 2008. (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 22,000 words)

A Vengeance So Sweet (aka When Harry Met Draco and Ended Their WarGames)
Addicted To Love was begging to be rewritten with Harry and Draco in mind. Warnings for ridiculously naïve!Harry, drag!Draco, musical!Krum, and disloyal!Ginny. Also irresponsible abuse of firewhisky, mild swearing, and liberties taken with the Malfoy family tree. (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 27,000 words)

Alchemy In Quarter Time
Four decisive moments in the life of Draco Malfoy. Written for [info]ides_of_march 2008 for the prompt 'the Elements.' (Harry/Draco, R, 8500 words)

On Reflection: Draco Malfoy's Last Stand
Draco wants to say no, but it's been an awfully long time since he's been able to refuse anything Harry asked. Written for [info]bbtp_challenge 2008. (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 4300 words)

Two Sides of the Same Knut
Draco really hates Potter. Pansy wants to know why. (Harry/Draco, R, 2000 words)

Never, ever, admit that it hurts. (Harry/Draco, PG-13, 700 words)

Fair Play
Potter and Malfoy take a break. Written for [info]bbtp_challenge 2007. (Harry/Draco, NC-17, 650 words)

Love and Monsters
When the heart breaks, the mind must follow. Written for [info]malfoycest_day 2008. (Harry/Draco, Lucius/Draco, NC-17, 3300 words)

Epilogue: Five Years Later
"Did you feel the sparks when you touched her? Perhaps she'll get a Hogwarts letter someday." A spin-off of [info]sansa1970's Lamp In the Cooling Room. (Gen, 300 words)

Harry Potter drabbles


The Hogwarts Reunion Is When Everything Changes
They say you can't go home again. What happens when you try? A HP/TW crossover story. Runner-up, Best Crossover, Doctor Who/Torchwood Slash Awards. (Draco/Harry, Draco/Jack, Jack/Ianto, NC-17, 21,000 words)


Flesh and Blood Dance
Sometimes the magic refuses to stay secret. Written for the 2009 Merlin Big Bang Challenge. (Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin, Merlin/Tony, Nimueh/Morgana, R, 58,500 words)

To Be King
Merlin is Camelot, distilled in physical form. (Merlin/Arthur, R, 1325 words)

No Other Reason
Merlin is the worst manservant Arthur has ever had. The wonder is that he keeps him around at all. (Merlin/Arthur, Gen, 1160 words)

Not Sentimental
Since the first day of his service, Merlin had wondered about the helmets perched on the prince's cabinet. (Merlin/Arthur, Gen, 1000 words)

The Gift
After his coronation, Arthur realises what he's been given. (Merlin/Arthur, Gen, 750 words)

Dirty Laundry
Uther is not impressed with Merlin. Arthur is. (Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 500 words)


"If anybody should be called a manwhore, it's you, Colin." (Bradley/Colin, NC-17, 9300 words)

Accidents Will Happen
It isn't like Bradley hasn't thought about it. A lot. It's more that the timing's never right, that at first he's still reeling from a nasty split with Michelle, that he isn't even sure he's that into guys. Besides, he has no clue which side Colin comes down on, and he really doesn't want things to get weird between them... Valid excuses, all. In the end, not one of them matters. (Bradley/Colin, NC-17, 3000 words)

DVD Extras: In These Stones
"Um, it's a bit dark..." Cavesmut, inspired by Colin Morgan's video diary on the Merlin Series One DVD. (Bradley/Colin, NC-17, 2000 words)

DVD Extras: Most Proud Of
Bradley rushing to check on Colin + awkward comment about stunt = overprotective!Bradley fic. (Bradley/Colin, PG, 2000 words)

Mothers Always Know
Bradley can't tell his mum about Colin. (Bradley/Colin, PG, 500 words)

Colin isn't a sorcerer. He has no power, nothing to offer except the rituals of his youth. (Bradley/Colin, Gen, 500 words)


Every Day In A Million Days (Doctor Who)
Donna was alive. So what if she'd never heard of the lost moon of Poosh? Tag for "Journey's End." (Gen, 3000 words)

Our Scandalous Days Behind Us (Downton Abbey)
Mary and Matthew are glad that Downton Abbey’s scandals are over. Written for [info]bbtp_challenge 2012. (NC-17, Lady Mary/Matthew Crawley, Mrs Hughes/Mr Carson, Daisy/OMC, Lady Edith/Miss O’Brien, Anna Smith/Lord Grantham, 5100 words)

Surprise (Firefly)
Jayne hates getting ambushed and Mal's a bastard. (Jayne/Mal, Gen, 900 words)

the thing with feathers that perches in the soul (The Hunger Games)
Haymitch Abernathy thought winning the 50th Hunger Games was the hardest thing he would ever have to do. He was wrong. (Haymitch Abernathy, PG, 1200 words)

Last Call (Life On Mars)
It's one of those things that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. (Gene/Sam, PG, 300 words)

All The Sweeter (Plata Quemada)
They weren't supposed to be out, but they weren't supposed to have this either. (Angel/Nene, PG, 600 words)

After the Storm (Stargate Atlantis)
Nearly dying makes you do things you wouldn't otherwise. Tag for season 1 episode "The Eye". Co-written with [info]sarcasticchick for the Ides of March 2008. (John/Rodney, NC-17, 3000 words)

Boys Will Be Boys (Torchwood)
Ianto should be studying. But some temptations are hard to resist. Spin-off of [info]sarcasticchick's Shades of Ianto. (Ianto/Jean-Luc, PG, 3500 words)

Game Over ((Torchwood)
Ianto wants to forget. Jack makes sure he remembers. Tag for season two episode "Country-cide". (Ianto/Jack, PG, 1500 words)

The Lonely Rentboy (Original Fiction)
How a sad lonely rentboy found true love, fame, and fortune. (Alternative summary: This is not the fairy tale I should be writing.) (Lonely Rentboy, Gen, 1000 words)


True Love
A love story. (Denethor/Finduilas, Gen)

He Cannot Hear You
Beregond thinks about the Steward in the Houses of Healing. Written for the LoM Official Man-Fan Club's Flavour of the Month 2004. (Beregond/Faramir, PG)

Darkness and Light
Faramir joins the Fellowship in place of his brother. (Co-author [info]minxkat, Faramir/Aragorn/Haldir/others, NC-17, novel-length)

To Serve the King
Twenty years before the fellowship, Thorongil comes to Minas Tirith to claim the throne of Gondor. (Aragorn/Boromir/Faramir, NC-17)

The Healer
When King Elessar retreats to Ithilien for a little R&R, he discovers he's not the only one with Numenorean healing powers. Winner, Best Aragorn/Faramir Long Fiction, Men of Middle Earth Awards 2008. (Aragorn/Faramir, NC-17)

Tell Me Everything
A missing scene from The Two Towers: What really happened in Henneth Annûn? (Faramir/Sam, NC-17)

Night On Earth
The boys ride each other in a limo. Pure smut, nothing but smut, and impossibly bendable Gondorians. (David Wenham/Sean Bean, NC-17, crack!fic)

Little Indulgences series
It all starts when Hugh washes Dave's hair. Smut ensues. (Co-author [info]cocoajava, David Wenham/Hugh Jackman, NC-17)

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