([info] wrote on September 19th, 2009 at 06:04 am
I may be coming to this late, but then I suppose I came to the FANDOM late, and I missed all of this fabulous fan-created GOLD when it was first appearing. And sparkly, sparkly gold this is. Guh. I think you broke my brain.

I think probably my favorite thing about this is how wonderfully in character everyone is. In so many of the ArthurxMerlin fics, you get a toned down Arthur whose besotted, or a Merlin who isn't as pushy and RUDE, and it just doesn't quite read right. Now, this Merlin and Arthur are right on the money, because even though they both MIGHT be utterly besotted with one another, there's no effing way they would ever let the other one know that (especially this early in the series). Add on to that that the scenario is a perfectly believable one, and I'm sold. Or bought. One of the two. Hahaha. Now every time I re-watch that episode, I'll be thinking of THIS and I'll feel like I'm in on an extra piece of canon that not everyone else is privy to.

Totally added to memories. XD
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