28 September 2008 @ 11:34 am
Drabble: Pride After the Fall  
Title: Pride After the Fall
Author: Lilith ([info]lilithilien)
Characters: Draco and Harry
Prompt: #7 False Bravado for [info]draco100
Word Count: 100 words
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.

Morning brought sunlight streaming through the broken windows of the great hall, falling on his mother's fair hair and staining it blood-red. And it brought Potter, like a cockerel ready to crow over his victory.

"If there's anything I can do..." he started, but Draco brusquely cut him off.

"Save your heroics for someone who needs them, Potter. We'll be grand."

Potter's eyes narrowed. "You don't have to be like that, Malfoy."

But he did. Draco looked to his parents, standing proud as if this horrible night had never happened, and he knew that now, more than ever, he did.