01 January 2007 @ 06:55 pm
Harry Potter Drabble Round-up  
For [info]draco100
What It Means To Be A Malfoy
Mother Issues
Killing Potter
Pride After the Fall
A New Rival
Seasons Turn

For [info]harry100
Behind the Spell
The Best Thing About Halloween

For the [info]phoenix_flies Drabble-a-thon, March 2008 (my favourites are starred):

Resolutions (Harry and Draco, G)*
Foresight (Harry and Draco, PG)*
A Gentle Reminder (Harry and Draco, G)
Keepsake (Draco and Harry-cum-Moody, G)
Intemperate (Draco and Harry, G)
Reborn (Draco and Harry, NC-17)
Charing Cross Road, c. 1891 (Albus Dumbledore and family)*
Required Reading (Hermione, R)*
My Favourite Things (Lord Voldemort, PG)*
Substitute (Viktor/Harry/Ron, NC-17)
Always (the Black sisters, G)*
Futility (Dudley and Harry, G)*
Unanswered Questions (Angelina, George, and baby Fred, G)*
Heritage (Scorpius and Draco, G)
Yesterday (Hermione, G)
Hopelessly Devoted (Fleur and Bill, G)
Lilies, Petunias, and Prize-Winning Roses (Petunia and Lily/Petunia and Vernon double-drabble, G)*
Closing the Circle (Luna and her mother, PG)